San Francisco, California

Explore new business opportunities in climate change

Impossible Labs, Inc. is a sustainable development and advanced technology consultancy with a global footprint, based in San Francisco, CA.


We have the DNA of a startup…

… and we know how large corporations think. 

By combining the lean startup methodology with the power of academia and the public sector, we transform business ideas from concept to deployment. 



What people are saying

Impossible Labs is leading the future of climate action. Their network of climate innovators and commercialization experts connects executives to fresh thinking about climate change. Their unique perspective helps executives translate climate challenges into business opportunities. Impossible Labs brings hope and optimism into conversations about climate change, inspiring people to see opportunities and take action rather than focus on doomsday scenarios. I look forwards to our continued partnership together.
Marina Gorbis Executive Director, Institute for the Future
While I have spent a lot of time working on ways to increase investment in responding to our changing climate, I had never thought to do so in the company of artists, poets, VR producers and futurists.  Mixing their creativity with that of finance and policy entrepreneurs created an usually fertile opportunity for new ideas to take shape – and I am grateful for Impossible Lab’s role in making that happen.
Brad Gentry Director, Yale Center for Business and the Environment