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Services Overview

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We translate big, cross-sector questions into comprehensive and brilliantly displayed solutions.

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We like to say that our first product was a dining table. We mix unconventional perspectives to unlock fresh thinking for climate innovators.

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Product Development

We develop your ideas into impactful products.


Sample Projects


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How will climate change manufacturing? 

Climate change is an opportunity to build sustainable and resilient manufacturing processes. We compiled hundreds of enabling technologies from around the world to help Fortune 500 executives understand their unique opportunity space. 

Impossible Labs brought its unique sustainable technology perspective to opportunities in supply chain and manufacturing for a Fortune 500 consumer packaged goods company. Our process is tailored to identify pilot-ready technologies, ready for integration into strategy roadmaps for your stakeholders. The act of doing is learning, and we make sure you know about the best of what we find.


What is the future of air travel 2031? 

The Hyperloop, personal flying vehicles, and cargo drones redefine how we get around.

We were asked to provide fresh perspective on technology and consumer trends, for the question: What will air travel look like in 2031 for passengers and cargo? Our exploration led us through the hyperloop, personal flying vehicles, new jet engine efficiencies, and cargo drones, all for a private workshop with the innovation team of a Fortune 500 aeronautics company. They celebrated the fresh ideas and assets we brought them to share with senior leadership at headquarters.


Product Development


Can we make products out carbon pulled from the air? We use a process called ‘direct air capture’ to literally pull carbon dioxide greenhouse gases out of the air and condense it into usable material. You can see these white “carbon dots” in our planters. Each concrete planter contains 116 grams of carbon dioxide from the air.

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Can mining carbon from the air be profitable? We are working with 80+ startups and projects on to find out.

How might we remove one trillion tons of carbon dioxide from the air? We brought together scientists, entrepreneurs, and executives from around the world to explore this massive opportunity space, and created as a bridge between development centers. It is an index of 80+ companies and projects mining carbon from the air, built to grow with the industry. helps entrepreneurs, researchers, and funders to explore opportunities in carbon dioxide, by using commonly understandable terms. 


Introducing the best the world has to offer takes collaboration. We build partnerships across sectors to promote, collaborate, and grow concepts into realities.