San Francisco, California

We are the premier innovation consultancy focused on new business opportunities resulting from climate change.

We believe climate change is the biggest financial opportunity civilization has ever seen.

By using the best of the lean startup method, science, academia, and the public sector, we transform business ideas from concept to reality.

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Our mission is to commercialize sustainable technology developed by startups.

We are expert needs assessors. We speak the language of startups and big business alike, and we produce beautiful and game-changing work including workshops, strategy reports, and products of the digital and physical form. We are entrepreneurs, designers, facilities directors, project managers, product developers, poets, philosophers, and dreamers. We greet each day with excitement and wonder.

We are Impossible Labs. 

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Impossible Labs was founded in 2016 by Tito Jankowski and Matthew Eshed in San Francisco, California.


Tito Jankowski
Co-Founder and CEO

Matthew C. Eshed
Co-Founder and Advisor

Matthew is a sustainable products leader, circular economy advocate, and People-Person. His mission is to support technology that enables a stronger bond between humans and nature. He has designed, piloted, and launched manufacturing systems for high-, medium-, and low-tech B2B and B2C products. Matthew holds a B.S. Mechanical Engineering and Minor Engineering Leadership Development from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Tito is an entrepreneur and he has been other things: a biohacker, a hardware manufacturer, a medical device designer, a patent infringer, and a sailor. Prior to launching Impossible Labs, he co-founded the BioCurious hackerspace and wrangled startup+corporate partnerships at Runway Incubator. Tito holds a Sc.B in Biomedical Engineering from Brown University.

Extended Team

Impossible Labs relies on our curated network of contractors and contributors to bring our clients joy and delight. Our culture is human-oriented; we structure projects for the best possible outcome, and value happy people doing the best work of their lives. We are always looking for individual contributors and academic or research institutions to collaborate on future projects, and would love to hear from you. 

University Interns

Projects with "real world" partners was the most valuable experience we had while at school. We pay it forward by partnering with academic institutions to offer their students a cross-disciplinary climate opportunity project. We are proud to partner with the institutions below to augment their student experience. Please use the button below to inquire about starting a program in your school!

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Design for Sustainability ENME489E

Fall 2017: Using the Lean Startup Method to Explore Business Opportunities in Air Mining

Student Team: Steve Walters, Luke Landiak, David Wilkinson

Managing for Innovation and Quality ENME489Q

Spring 2018: A Study of Corporate Opportunities in Carbon Dioxide Utilization

Student Team: Jash Shah, Brandon Blanchard, Paul Monaghan, Brian Mulligan