Climate Change is an Opportunity

“Sustainability isn’t some silly hippie thing — it matters for everyone”. Elon Musk got it right. Climate change is an opportunity. Let's build new tools for food, power, water, air. In the uncertainty lay immense challenges and enormous potential.

A Backdoor to Global Scale

Big businesses have big resources and big influence. But they cannot move at the speed of startups. A startup is quick and tiny. A big business is huge and slow. We pair new ideas of startups with the power of big businesses. We nerd out with innovation labs and startups.

Startup Power

Quit your job, make crazy claims, and venture into the unknown. Startups are a special thing. We love and protect mission-driven startups, their ideas, and their culture. We help startups scale, and have fun doing it.

The Lean Pilot

Did you hear about the hot startup that got bought out and then quietly shut down? Or the "big partnership deal" that went radio silent after months of negotiation? Isn't there a better way? That's why we built "Lean Pilot". We connect startups and big businesses for development, licensing, or acquisition.

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