Climate Change is an Opportunity

As Elon Musk says, “sustainability isn’t some silly hippie thing — it matters for everyone”. We see climate change as an opportunity to build new systems for food, energy, water, air, transportation, and manufacturing. A new civilization, the likes of which the world has never seen. We know that in the uncertainty lay immense challenges and enormous opportunities.

A Backdoor to Civilization-Scale

Big corporations have the resources and infrastructure that make up our civilization. But despite their innovative ideas and leadership, they cannot move at the speed and agility of startups. This is our opportunity to expedite a new world. We pair the new ideas of startups with the resources and infrastructure of big corporations. We love nerding out with innovation labs, R&D, supply chain, operations, and CFOs.

Startup Power

Quit your job, build a team, make crazy promises to investors, and venture into the unknown. Startups are a unique commitment. We love and protect mission-driven startups, their ideas, and their culture. We help startups find opportunities to scale, and have fun doing it.

All I want for Christmas is a Lean Pilot

Every day we hear about a promising startup being shut down after acquisition, or a multi-million dollar deal that goes radio silent after a year of negotiation. There's a better way. Lean Pilots connect startups and corporates to explore opportunities for co-development, licensing, or acquisition. Inspired by the roots of Lean Manufacturing and Lean Startup, Lean Pilot helps startups get their first customer, and corporate partners evaluate new opportunities.

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